Sehar Crafts Decorative Bowl 15 Inch | Kamal Plate White Marble | Decorative for home and office | Best Handmade Gift Item


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The Lotus flower is a deep and powerful representation of life. It symbolizes purity of body, speech and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flower blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

SEHAR CRAFTS presents to you the new minimalistic yet traditional range of marble home décor to make your interior no less than a sculptural silhouette itself. The bowl may hold edibles like fruit, sweets, documents or nothing at all, and yet add a visual interest to a room. The product consists of a Premium marble shallow Bowl which is intricately carved into a blossoming lotus flower from a single piece of stone by skilled artisans.

Our range of products is not only stylish and classy but also empowers artisans to keep their skills alive. The premium stone is untreated to protect your edibles. The natural shades of the product and the elegant stone-vein pattern ensures to complement rooms of any layout, size, and color. The aesthetical value archived by material choice and skilled artisan craftsmen gives the product the needed edge to be the perfect gift option for any occasion.

We are committed to understand and meet the customer expectations and provide quality products to their full satisfaction which shell ensure value for money

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