Sehar Crafts Soap Dish (Soap Stand Light Green Color )Marble vase


Precision of craftsmanship results,the most stylish and durable Soap Dish
The package includes One Soap Dish
The Stone Soap Dish have been produced using high-quality compressed Stone.
Marvelous Soap Dish would make nice attractive addition to Bathrooms Or Ideal for gifting.

Sehar Crafts’s This Product is very Attractive Little, Heavyweight Natural Colour Beautiful Stone (Soap Stand) with.The Marvelous hand work which make The Soap Stand more attractive and beautiful.The quality of this Stone is very attractive.The Stand which measures 3.5″X5.5″ means 3.5″inch height & 5.5″ Length is most appealing.It would make nice attractive addition to Bathroom Or Ideal for gifting.The finishing of the product is very smooth,attractive and shiny.

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